It's all  about   Discipline  ,  Honesty,   Passion,    Ambition,   Commitment,   Respect and     Fun.

The Powerblades Dragon Boat Racing Club  has the RED-BLUE-GOLD tri-colours of the state of South Australia.

The club was formed in the mid-1980s by staff members of ETSA, the electicity supply company for the state at that time.


For a time the club was also sponsored by ETSA, and was known as the 'ETSA Powerblades' club. It is this association with ETSA that explains the 'Power' in the club name. The 'Blades' part of our club name refers to the blade or wide part of the dragon boat paddle.

The club was renamed Powerblades Dragon Boat Racing Club after changes in the power industry in South Australia which saw the discontinuation of the long serving ETSA sponsorship.