Dragon Boat Safety

Club   Policies and Guidelines

In this video a team runs through the safety drill in the event of a dragon boat roll-over. Roll-overs do not happen often but when they do, they create safety risks for those involved. 

In the Powerblades crews, paddlers must be alert to the voice of the Sweep and Drummer and must respond IMMEDIATELY to any command given.


Before a Powerblades crew leaves the shore and anytime after paddlers have changed position in the boat, the Sweep will command paddlers to 'count off' from the front. They will repeat this process on return to shore.

Paddlers must be alert and count off imediately, loudly and in order, when asked to do so.

All paddlers are required to wear flotation vests when training on either the Torrens Lake or the Port River, and when training after dark. Paddlers should be able to swim a minimum of 50 metres wearing light clothing. Paddlers unable to do so should wear flotation vests when on the water.